My trip in Instagram

Chiantown, San Francisco
my dream boots. If it hurts it works!
Wonderful Crater lake, Oregon
Ok. It’s really happening. Same freeway, same grey!
so funny!
drinking Oregon’s wine in Oregon
finally my onion soup!
Three Capes at sunset

first stop at the Mr.Grey tour
the elevatorrrrrr
Japanese mini-muffins in Portland
OMG! Wash your hands instructions
Empanadas at Andina, Portland
Metropolitan Grill, Seattle
Escala, Christian Grey’s penthouse, Seattle
Where is him?????

Bitterroot, Ballard, Seattle

Seattle from Alki Beach

Best clam chowder ever….with sherry!
Everyday fatter….
Breakfast at Oddfellows, Seattle
Kurt Cobain house, Seattle

I made it! Space Needle, Seattle. 
chargers at the airport
this is what happens when you lock your bag. They open it!
Back to Venice!

So Hollywood! Blow-dry, champagne and Marilyn’s classics
appointment with the american doctor

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