mykonos. sunday. from agrari to agia anna

Camicia CP Shapes, cintura HTC, Panama hat

oggi ho proseguito il mio giro delle spiagge del sud dell’isola da Agrari a Elia, a Kalafatis fino alla costa est di Tigani e Agia Anna. In mezzo il paesino di Ano Mera dove ho mangiato cucina casalinga in una splendida trattoria.

today I went on with my south beaches tour from Agrari to Elia, to Kalafatis till the east coast of Tigani and Agia Anna. During my “trip” I had a great home meal in a small amazing tavern.

Good morning Psarou!

greek lifeguard
Agrari Beach

Elia Beach

Ano Mera



Cape Evros

another sunset at Hippie Fish

costume Polo RL, t-shirt crewcuts Jcrew

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