an american in Prague

amazing sunset 

ecco gli instagrams di questo week-end a Praga.

here my Instagrams back to my week-end in Prague.

my cappuccino 

my pumpkin tarte

from Charles Bridge


amazing autumn

my little photographer in prague

amoya museum

at starbucks looking for the wireless

at cantinetta fiorentina


risotto pumpkin and macaroon

puma store & cafe

my fav t-shirt

it’s breakfast time


let’s do some shopping!

a pepsi at palladium

the tram and the castle

kampa island

kampa old bookstore

my new topshop dress

jewish cemetery

my fav desert in prague, gnammy!

caro’s tonight outfit

my first beer in prague

mala strana, dinner time

autumn in prague

prague from petrin


belvedere café

belvedere café

apple strudel & hot tea. I’m in the mountains! Kiddin’ prague


great view from the castle

anna dello russo hat

finding the golden shoes from anna dello russo for h&m

another starbucks time 

if you say charlotte in every starbucks you will be a different woman every day. Sarlot, Sharlot…can’t wait to see tom

tonight’s outfit

family style

terasa restaurant

hilton hotel

cloud 9 (love this name!!!)

good morning prague, last day

original light from charles bridge

my sec fav place in prague

there’s always music in prague: call me maybe with violins!!

now I feel at home. Looks like slovenia

john lennon wall

a delay of two hours waiting for the permission to fly. Who knows? Let’s cross our fingers

it was supposed to leave at 17,25. It’s midnight and we’re finally leaving prague, 7 hours late

in line to get the dinner vouchers waiting to fly

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