insta-flying to Lisbon

Lisbon Portela Airport

eccomi finalmente nella mia super-camera. E’ grandissima! Un po’ di relax dopo aver affrontato un vero diluvio. Stamattina sono arrivata abbastanza presto anche se ero convinta che Lisbona fosse più vicina. C’è anche un’ora di differenza con l’Italia. Adoro partire completamente impreparata all’avventura….

here I am finally in my room. It’s huge! A little rest after a rainy day. I landed this morning and I was wrong thinking that Lisbon was not so far from Italy. There’s also a different time zone. I really love being away for a trip without knowing so much…..

ready to check-in
linate airport
on my flight
just landed
trying to have a coffee…..just water…couldn’t stop it
coffee…can’t wait!
fifty shades of Portugal
james jeans, Stefanel green sweater, Rag&Bone boots, Miu Miu fur, Bottega Veneta bag, Rimowa matte suitcase, Dior scarf
Hotel Estrela

at Pastels de Belem…gnummy
at FNAC…..looking for my mac-recharger
Sea me restaurant

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