instagram from Portugal

Instagram in Lisbon

welcome to Lisbon 
a sweet pit stop (la bomba alla crema…remembering Francavilla…)
Christmas shopping
Ulisses’s gloves
Isabel Marant, walking on my room
crocchette di baccalà, o rei dos frangos
porto blanco
looking for the perfect sweater
a great kids store
It’s Christmas time in Lisbon: Avenida de Liberdade
back to school: Hotel da Estrela
a foggy day
healthy breakfast
vinho verde, jamon and fish ar Cervejaria Ramiro
coppa rica back to the past
so true!
it’s saturday night
in need of a cup of a tea
what a place!
salted chestnuts at the lisbonlovers grand opening
natural history museum
hanging codfish, so cute!
a taste of love
good morning sunshine!
red for pants and taxi interior
bolo de maca in Cascais
from Lisbon to Cascais
walking in Cascais
on the beach
outdoor lunch. Hard to believe it!

almost sunset
MIradouro de Alcantara
kusmi teatime
free magazines for Tap passengers

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