Happy Golden Sunday!

Beverly Hills è in fermento. Stasera ci sono i Golden Globes! Strade chiuse, polizia ovunque e tanti curiosi davanti al Beverly Hilton. Io ci sono passata mentre andavo al mercatino vintage in Melrose, il Trading Post. Oggi ho scoperto “I’m gorgeous inside”, brand dell’art director giapponese/losangelina Hiroko che per creare le sue borse, pezzi unici, ricicla vari tessuti vintage. Poi ho trovato, come sempre, qualche gioiello e un paio di occhiali vintage. Gugu è una star. Mi hanno chiesto se la sua giacca tirolese era vintage (qui di austriaco conoscono solo Wolfgang e Schwarzy!) e l’hanno fotografato col cappello nuovo che si è scelto e gli occhiali rossi! Non vedo l’ora di sapere chi vincerà stasera!

Beverly Hills is crazy today. Tonight it’s the Golden Globes night! Closed streets, policemen everywhere and lots of rubberneck in front of the Beverly Hilton. I passed through there while I was going to Melrose flea market, the Trading Post. Today I found a new brand “I’m gorgeous inside” from the japanese/LA based art director Hiroko that reuse vintage fabrics to create her one one-off bags. Then I bought some jewelry, as always, and a pair of vintage sunnies. Gugu is a star. They asked me if its tyrolese jacket is vintage (they know just Wolfgang and Schwarzy from Austria!) and they took a picture of him with his new hat and red sunnies! Can’t wait to see tonight’s winners!

Beverly Hilton Hotel, the place

Tsubi jeans, Dolce e Gabbana scarf, Anine Bing boots, Celine sunnies, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Scaglione sweater, Antonia’s fur (no brand inside)
Melrose Avenue

Melrose Trading Post

my new bag

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