Bon Anniversaire Paola!

Ogni volta che entro in un Marriott Hotel ripenso alla mia prima volta in questa catena. Ero a Boston , così giovane da rimanerne intimorita. Al pian terreno un bar dello sport con schermi ovunque da cui guardare le partite di football. Hamburger, patatine e un ascensore altissimo con cui raggiungere la stanza. Da allora, ogni volta, è sempre un piacere tornarci, tutto mi riporta a quella ragazzina lontana col naso all’insù e un batticuore infinito.

Every time I go into a Marriott Hotel my thought always goes to the first time I was in that chain. It was long time ago, in Boston, and I was so young to be scared of it. On the ground floor there was a Sports Bar with lots of screens everywhere to watch the football games. Hamburger, fries and a high elevator to reach my room. Since there I’m always happy to come back in these hotels. Everything reminds me that little girl, now so distant, with the nose up and an endless heartbeat .

AG jeans, Twin-set tank top, Moncler, Prada scarf, Chanel clutch, Proenza shoes

my gift

my nephews
dinner at Cafè de Paris

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